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Healthy women are the cornerstones of having healthy families and societies. When we aren’t feeling or functioning our best, it’s not only us that suffers. Because of this I love helping women learn what they need to do to be their best selves and live their best lives.

My current offerings to support you on your journey to wellness:


Get the personalized support you have been looking for. This is where you get a deep dive into your unique health struggles. I am currently accepting applications from serious applicants who are ready to take action.


Women’s Intermittent Fasting Master Course for Beginners

Join me on a 90 day journey where you learn the art and science behind fasting… Made specific to women. You will go from where you currently are to intermittent fasting Jedi, prepared to take back your health.


Heavy metal Detox Masterclass

Detoxing heavy metals needs to be done safely and effectively. In this 90 day program you learn exactly how to detox heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum and arsenic (just to name a few.) Regain your energy, clear thinking, weight loss, better sleep, and so much more.


Dental Detox

Protect yourself even further when getting dental procedures done:

  • Amalgam removal
  • Root canals removed
  • Cavitation surgery