Caitlin Czezowski

Hi I am Dr. Caitlin Czezowski D.C, CFMP, CACCP. I grew up in Winnipeg MB Canada, where I graduated from the University of Winnipeg with a 4 year Chemistry degree and a minor in in biochemistry. After moving to the states to obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Science University, I fell in love and married my best friend who also happens to be a DC. During my schooling I became certified in pregnancy and pediatrics. I guess you can say I have always wanted to help women live the healthiest lives possible, ideally starting from infancy.

After graduating from NWHSU we moved to Denver CO and opened up our first chiropractic office. Only a couple of months into practice we both noticed that our health began to decline. My husband gained 30lbs in a month, despite being physically active and “eating healthy,” and I noticed my energy and brain clarity took a turn for the worst… so much so that my 90 year old grandmother memory was in better shape than mine. In our quest to find out what was going on with us, we came across post graduate training in functional endocrinology and clinical nutrition. After finding out the root causes of our issues, and applying the knowledge we learnt, our symptoms “magically” disappeared.

It was at this point that I knew others were out there needlessly suffering and desperately looking for a different approach to address their health issues. So we redirected our focus to teaching those how to get healthy and stay healthy. I truly believe that no two people are alike even though people can have similar symptoms or problems it doesn’t mean their causes are the same. In private practice my husband and I focus on helping diabetics and individuals suffering from hormone imbalances.

Women N Wellness was created, because now we are seeing younger and younger women even teenagers suffering from poor health, with no where to turn. The Women N Wellness community is a place to teach women how to take back their health and live the quality life they deserve (work, home and personally), along with raising happy, healthy kids in the process. This is truly a dream come true especially embarking on this journey with two very passionate, talented, female doctors that I admire very much; Dr. Mindy and Dr. Sonya.

Couple of things you should know about me:

  • I am a huge geek when it comes to sciences… so much so that I have a periodic table shower curtain
  • I am a seeker of truth. Especially when it’s related to health and wellness. I cannot get enough knowledge when it comes to physiology. How cool is it that our body has the ability to not only function but also heal when given the right environment. I listen to research podcast on my “free time.”
  • I love downtime with my family, which consists of my husband and my almost 9 year old black lab “puppy” named Chyra (which I share my birthday with.) My favorite thing to do is “glamp” in our Sprinter Camper Van which we built out ourselves… and no neither of us have the background or prior knowledge on how to do it… Thank goodness for youtube and the internet.