In today’s episode of Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin all things sex hormones are talked about, especially as we age.

What are the differences in our hormones as we age, and what should and can be done about them to match every stage of life that we go through?

Learn from Dr. Caitlin and Dr. Tara Scott on how to understand your hormones in every stage of life.

Such a powerful conversation that every single women should listen to, so that she can better understand the hormonal transitions we all go through.

Learning points in this episode:
– What does our period tell us?
– What testing should be done in teens?
– What symptoms can teens be experiencing that could indicate a sex hormone imbalance?
– All things hormone during reproductive years and what testing should be done.
– PCOS – can Fasting help?
– Peri-menopausal years, what’s with the estrogen swings and what are the symptoms?
– Whats the appropriate hormone testing during peri-menopausal years
– Postmenopausal women, what testing should be done?
– Testing options: Blood work VS DUTCH test VS Saliva… when should they be used?

Tara Scott, MD, is a triple board certified in OB/GYN, Functional and Integrative medicine and I’ve been called the hormone Guru. She works with patients who are at high risk for breast cancer by identifying hormone imbalances, correcting them and decreasing the risks. This year Tara has been able to spread this message by teaching other doctors how do to what she does.
Her goal is to have a bigger impact by getting the message out to women.

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