Todays episode of Women N Wellness with Dr. Caitlin we address being an Inflammatory Parent! Are you inflammatory parenting? Not sure what that means? Tune in and subscribe to learn more.

We have Dr. Sandy educating us on how parents can reverse their child’s learning, behavior and mood problems… and most of the time it’s doesn’t even require her to see the child in person!

In today’s episode you will learn:

– How elevated cortisol is changing our biochemistry. Effecting who we are, how we react, and even our genetic expression
– How the level of stress the parent is under will result in the amount of stress the child has and experiences
– How to get out of inflammatory parenting
– Meditation vs Medication
– Stress is a survival behavior and we will choose either to:
– Fight
– Flight
– Freeze

Dr. Sandy Gluckman describes her quest as saving the next generation from a growing explosion of learning, behavior and mood problems. Her work is rooted in the science that shows that children will thrive when parents thrive. Dr Sandy empowers parents to raise healthy, resilient, confident children primed for success, by showing them how to first heal themselves.

Dr Gluckman is sought after for her expertise on a range of children’s challenges such as Anxiety, Defiance, Emotional Resilience, Self-Worth, Screen Addiction, Stress as a Survival Mechanism and the Sensitive Child.

Rather than offering quick-fix, superficial solutions to these complex issues, Dr Sandy uses science to teach parents how to create the kind of parent-child neurochemistry that prevents and heals these problems.

She is the founder of a private practice, Parenting That Heals, where she consults with couples, families and children. Dr Sandy’s work is based on her unique blend of her studies in Functional Medicine, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Psychology, woven together with her own insights and experience.

She has consulted with, and trained, thousands of parents and teachers in different parts of the world. Her signature programs, called, “Parenting That Heals,” and “Teaching That Heals the Brain,” are presented in live workshops, as well as online.

Dr Sandy is the author of, Parents Take Charge: Healing Learning, Behavior and Mood Challenges Without Medication, and, Who’s in the Driver’s Seat: Leading with Spirit.

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