Ever wonder why it’s so much easier for our male counterparts to intermittent fast?

It’s not just easier for them, they also tend to see the benefits a whole lot faster than we do?  WTH?!?!

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In todays episode we explore the reasons behind why women, especially menstruating women, struggle with starting an intermittent fasting lifestyle.

Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of guidance or support for us Women still getting monthly visits from Aunt Flow.  There is more information and research out there supporting post menopausal Women.

But don’t despair… there are some easy to implement solutions to figure out exactly what you need so that you succeed.

First things first, start tracking your menstrual cycle.  Not just when you expect Day 1, but when you ovulate too.

Second thing is to monitor blood sugars and ketones, that way you know exactly how your body is responding.

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We want you to understand your body so well that you can sail through Intermittent Fasting and reap the benefits that come with that lifestyle.

Dr. Caitlin uses the app Flo to track her menstrual cycle.

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