Ever wonder why 2 people can be exposed to the same pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungus) and have 2 completely different experiences?

Why is it that one person can feel under the weather for a day or 2 and yet another be violently ill for weeks or even die from the same illness?

There is no time better than this to have a discussion on “how do we get sick?”

There are 2 distinct camps when it comes to why people get sick:

  1. Louis Pasture came up with the concept Germ Theory which states our bodies are sterile environments and when exposed to a pathogen, we get sick.
  2. Antoine Bechamp’s theory states that if we are exposed to a pathogen the severity of our illness will be dictated by our health status… thereby coming up with the Terrain Theory.

Listen to todays episode when the 3 doctors discuss both theories and their thoughts on each.

Also what does it mean for all of us navigating this particular time, especially now that we are moving into “cold and flu season”