On todays episode we are lucky to have Brian Peskin on talking about Parent Essential Oils.

What is a parent essential oil you might ask?  You’ll have to listen to learn all about them, but here are some benefits from getting them into your diet:

– Less cravings for sweets and greater appetite fulfillment

– Decreased stress levels

– Healthier, smoother skin and decreased cellulite

– Stronger, smoother fingernails

– More luxurious, faster growing hair

– Fewer and less severe headaches

– Increased hormonal efficiency and production

– Increased athletic endurance and faster recovery

– Faster healing (from surgery and other procedures)

  • Less pain, maximum anti-inflammation ability (from painful procedures)

Prof. Brian Peskin is a theoretical research scientist specializing in lipids-based pharmacognosy—a class of drug derived from plant-based sources; specifically, seed oils. A notable benefit with this approach is the minimization / elimination of harmful side effects. He focuses specifically on the modulation of physiologically targeted essential fatty acids (EFAs) — termed Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) — and their eicosanoid metabolites. He is a translational science expert with a long-term interest in diabetes and its underlying pathophysiology. In 2002, he began extensive research on the relationship of PEOs and their metabolites to cancer and cardiovascular disease. Prof. Peskin’s work is focused on pathways that maximize oxygen delivery and blood flow to the human cell and maximizing tissue functionality.

A former electrical engineer, Prof. Peskin founded the field of Life-Systems Engineering Science in 1995 – bringing the “cause-effect” accountability of engineering into the life sciences. Focus is on supporting and optimizing the patient’s natural physiologic processes—not blocking or impeding metabolic pathways. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, the results are novel, highly effective treatment for specific chronic diseases / disorders across diverse patient populations.

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