Most of the time heart disease is considered a male dominant disease.  Unfortunately more and more women are being affected by it.  Now almost as many women die of cardiovascular disease as men in the United States. 1 in every 5 female deaths are due to heart disease.

In this episode Dr’s Sonya and Caitlin discuss the symptoms associated with heart disease.  These symptoms can appear very differently than our male counterparts. What are the reasons heart disease is becoming more prevalent in women?  Little hint to one of the many answers: Stress (you need to listen to the episode to learn them all.)

What labs should be run yearly, or even twice a year depending on your age to be preventative vs reactive when it comes to heart disease?

Dr. Caitlin shares with you all 1 very simple thing you can do to help decrease your chance of having a cardiovascular event.  They went from “at risk” to below the threshold of having a cardiovascular event in as short as 6 months… with no other lifestyle modifications.