The Women N Wellness are so fortunate to have Cynthia Thurlow NP with them today.  Today, Cynthia discusses how she wen’t from practicing Traditional Western Medicine, as an ER nurse; to becoming a nurse practitioner and utilizing the functional approach.

If that’s not enough… we discuss aging. How do we age gracefully, without all the pills, lotions and potions?

What does aging gracefully mean?  One part is being kind to ourselves. That could be asking for help, sleeping more and working out less or even stressing less about counting calories and eating perfectly.

The other part of aging gracefully is maintaining a healthy weight. Where does weight gain come from? Why do we gain weight when we age? What are some tools, tricks and ways to become satiated, as not being satiated is one big reason for gaining weight.

The book that changed Cynthia’s paradigm on health was: “The unhealthy truth” – Robyn O’Brien

About Cynthia Thurlow: Cynthia is a nurse practitioner, entrepreneur, functional nutritionist, and a two-time TEDx speaker. She is the founder of Cynthia Thurlow, LLC, co-author of Primal Eating and co-host of Everyday Wellness podcast. Her passion is helping women find wellness through the healing power of nutrition and solving health problems from the inside out. What she is most proud of are her titles of mom and wife! She has all boys, including two Doodles and a loving, patient, and supportive husband.