There is a lot of contradicting information out there about how these 3 practices are separate from one another.  So in this episode Dr. Caitlin asks Dr. Sonya to clarify the difference between the 3.  You’ll be surprised to hear her answer…. Dr. Caitlin was.

Also the question:  Isn’t meditation suppose to be easy.  Peaceful and relaxing?  Gets discussed in depth.

Meditation isn’t just about becoming more blissful, or getting some quiet time.  It’s so much more. Meditation has actually been shown to increases the gray matter found in a region of the brain linked to the frontal cortex, which is associated with decision-making and memory.  This literally means we can have a younger brain especially since meditation helps grow new neurons.

If that isn’t cool enough Dr. Joe Dispenza found:
“Since 2013, we have been performing our own studies, quantitatively measuring transformation through the power of meditation. In fact, my research team and I found that in just four days of regular meditation during an advanced retreat, the gene for neurogenesis—that’s the growth of new neurons in response to novel experiences and learning—was activated.”

That information is so powerful.  That means that you can go to a 4 day intensive retreat to make meditation easier, to implement in every day life.

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If you want to see what the Mantra’s Dr. Sonya was talking about, she will do a video in the FB group demonstrating the 2:

I am

Sa Ta Na Ma (Saaa Taaa Naaa Maaa) – you want to extend the “a”

And the meditation that has been shown to reduce amyloid plaque in the brain by 90%… WOW