“Il dolce far niente”, a saying in Italian that translates to “the sweetness of doing nothing”. Last spring both Dr Mindy and Dr Sonya had the opportunity to go to Italy with their families for a vacation of a life time. As we know Italians do not eat a low carb diet and yet have a way of walking through life with ease and joy. Both docs go over their experiences with the food, culture, and how a 2 week long diet of pizza, gelato, and pasta affected Dr Sonya’s son’s health. They will also touch on one of the “blue zones” in Italy, where there is a high population of people over 100!

This episode emphasizes the importance of the art of doing nothing, to relax to receive, and to take the time you deserve to reset and reconnect. This has a profound effect on how you relate to yourself and your health in times that promote a lot of doing to achieve “success”. Learn what they observed seems to be the key to happiness.

Get ready to escape into the world of good wine, abundant adventure, and great people.–