There are a million and one different diets out there that all claim to be the healthiest and should be followed forever. What if that’s just not true? What if all different styles of eating have their benefits, and downfalls?

Part of the issues with diets is most people stick with them for awhile. They usually stop when they get the results they are looking for or until they are so frustrated that they can’t continue any longer. This is why diets fail.

Changes in lifestyle are what we all need to do in order to get lasting results.

Listen to todays podcast where Dr’s Caitlin and Sonya discuss different styles of eating. Everything from Carnivore to Vegan, Keto and vegetarian. They definitely don’t agree on everything or even eat the same, but there are some key points that they do recognize everyone should implement to have the healthiest lifestyle possible, and therefore finally achieve the lasting results they are looking for.