Receptors are how our body and cells communicate with one another, it’s like a lock on a door. The lock is either locked or unlocked. Hormones are what tell our body what to do, so they are the keys.

Many diseases and even symptoms are treated as if we have a hormone problems; a problem with the number of keys. Typically the solution is to just give hormones.

But what if we didn’t have a problem with the hormones (we had more than enough keys) but rather a problem with the receptor (the locks.) What if your locks are jammed and the keys therefore cannot fit and unlock the lock?

You see many times people are treated for hormone problems, when in actuality they have a receptor problem. Listen to today podcast when Dr. Caitlin and Mindy talk about Insulin and dopamine receptor problems. How you can determine if this is a problem you are dealing with and what to do about them.

In other words maybe you have more than enough happy hormone, you body just cant use it therefore you become depressed.