Biohacking is so simple, yet at the same time super complex. So what is biohacking? It’s sometimes viewed as do-it-yourself biology. i.e. hacking your own biology to function better. So how do we do this?

Amanda McVey is on todays podcast simplifying biohacking for all of us. Making it so simple that we can all biohack ourselves to younger, better health and the best part is it can all be done the comforts of our own homes. That’s right you don’t need to go to a biohacking lab and use super fancy expensive equipment to be a biohacker.

Amanda takes the time to explain to us how and why bulletproof coffee is so magical and why it’s actually a biohack for more energy, clearer thinking and even weight loss.

Listen to today episodes become a savvy, biohacker with things you can start implementing TODAY!!!