Dr’s Caitlin and Mindy discuss heart rate variability on today’s episode.

What is heart rate variability(HRV)? HRV is a measurement of the variation in time between each of your heartbeats. This is important because our heart rate is regulated by our autonomic nervous system which is broken down into two distinct components: sympathetic (fight or flight response other wise know as our stress response) and our parasympathetic (relax and digest.)

Measuring HRV is one of the easiest ways for you to measure how well your body adapts to stress which will ultimately tell you how healthy you are.

During this episode learn how you can monitor your HRV and what changes with your lifestyle you can implement to create more flexibility in your nervous system (i.e have a healthier you.) Those of you out there who love data and numbers (as much as these 2 doc’s), measuring your HRV can be a nice way to track how your nervous system is reacting not only to the environment, but also to your emotions, thoughts, and feelings.