Imagine knowing that something is wrong with your child.  That something is just not right, however every time you reach out to different doctors you get the same few answers; everything is normal/fine, lets try this pill and see if it makes a difference.

Tammy finally had enough and decided she was going to take her kids and families health into her own hands.  With no prior training or education in medicine, nutrition or health Tammy spent hours at the library (pre-internet and computers) and listening to CD’s.

Tune into this episode to find out Tammy’s journey becoming a health coach and how she would do it differently today if she was starting from scratch.

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Tammy became certified as a Cellular Detoxification Specialist over a decade ago and continues extensive specialized training several times a year.  When her children began struggling with health issues, she was called to serve them and many others like them who are struggling with “no known cause no known cure” issues.  As a Certified Health Coach, she practices what she teaches!  Remove the interference, and the body will heal itself! Chemical stress from the overwhelming load of toxins in our bodies and our environment cause cellular inflammation which causes dysfunction in the body.  Fix the cell, and the body will heal itself.  YOU CAN heal, and continue to feel forever young!