Having the internet at our fingers tip literally every second of the day makes it easy to look up all kinds of information.  The question becomes how accurate or true is the information?  How can you know if the information you are getting is unbiased or has it been swayed or boughten?

Listen into this episode where Dr’s Caitlin and Mindy share how they both find information and how they assess wether or not it’s valid; especially in the day and age where natural, holistic information is being censored and even delated.

One of their favorite places to find information other than PubMed or the British Journal of Medicine are summits.  Summits allow for forward thinking individuals to share their knowledge and cutting edge trade secrets to the public.  Best part is you are able to listen to them for free during the launch period.  If you decide after the fact you can always purchase the episodes so that you can watch them at your pace or at a later date.

Speaking of summits the Women N Wellness doc’s had the privilege of co-hosting 50 ways to women’s wellness summit which launches September 9 2019.  They were completely blow away from their individual interviews and assure you that you will be too.

To register for this event click the link below and you can listen for free during the week of September 9-15th for free.  If you are listening to this episode after that week you can absolutely purchase the entire summit for a nominal fee.  You wont be disappointed!