Tune in today to listen to the first episode of the Women N Wellness sharable’s. Sharable episodes are just that, easily shared with friends and family. There is going to be only one specific topic. All 3 doc’s will give their TOP 3 (and only 3) best suggestions ranging from what’s causing it, what can be done for it, labs that can be ran etc. They are keeping them short and to the point, so these episodes are going to be 30 min or less. Today’s first sharable episode is on hair loss. Weather it’s your hair falling out by the clumps, thinning, clogging your drain or starting to see some balding spots… you need to listen to this episode. All of the Women N Wellness doc’s agree with the other suggestions but they all have 3 different approaches, things to consider and recommendations on how to prevent it from getting worse and hopefully even have some of your luscious locks grow back.   Check out the Facebook group for more information and to get involved at Women N Wellness Tribe