Fatigue, brain fog, PMS or irregular cycles, and a diagnosis of hypothyroidism are just a few symptoms that may indicate a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease. It is 8 times more common in Women than in Men. Even though this condition is said to be more common among women in their 40’s to 60’s, it is now making its appearance in younger populations causing havoc in women’s reproductive years. It is estimated that 80% of women that have the diagnosis of Hypothyroidism, the root cause of their malfunctioning thyroid is Hashimoto’s. The key characteristic of such a diagnosis is essentially your body’s immune system is attacking your thyroid gland.

In this Episode the Women and Wellness Docs talk about what to look out for. What tests are helpful, and most importantly how and why it shows up. They will also go over some key solutions they have successfully used in their practice to help women lower their antibodies against their thyroid.

This is an important topic. Many women are dealing with Hashimoto’s and may not even know it. Learn what to look for and how to be your own health advocate so you can ask the right questions when seeing your family doctor.

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