Studies have show that clutter in our homes, offices, and garages will drive up stress hormones in women. Many of us attach happiness and memories to inanimate objects that are doing nothing to provide us value, rather they are just taking up space in our house. This is likely why the idea of downsizing or decluttering is totally overwhelming; and also why the majority of us just don’t do it.

Listen to how Dr’s Caitlin and Sonya have decluttered and even downsized (living in less than 50 square feet) and what that has done for their health, relationships and stress levels.

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix really helped Dr. Sonya and her family understand and be able to move through the emotions that we place on objects along with the process of letting them go.

Steps to help you:

1) Mentally prepare self – Listen to Marie Kondo

2) Make a list of values

3) Break it up into smaller tasks- go room by room or drawer by drawer


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