It’s amazing how often we here the question… “Women shouldn’t fast… right?” Seriously… ALL THE TIME.

If you haven’t listened to Episode 58: Fasting and Low Carb Tips for Women with Megan Ramos, you need to listen to it, as this is a follow up to that episode.

The question about women not fasting is simply NOT true. However, as Women, we do need to do things differently and be mindful of how our bodies are different.

Unfortunately (for our listeners) after we finished recording with Megan, we continued the conversation and boy did she drop some amazing information all women need to know about!

Dr’s Caitlin and Mindy decided to record a follow up with all of Megan’s tips for optimizing females fasting windows, supporting hormone production and not hindering it.

This information is going to change how you schedule your fasting and low carb days and ultimately increase and improve your outcomes for life.

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