Did you know humans have more than 1 microbiome?

Most people think that the microbiome is only in our intestines. However, that is not true. Our skin, nasal passage, ears, vaginal canal, eyes and all of our organs have unique bacteria associated to them.

As a society, we are so concerned with killing. Kill this infection with an antibiotic (which as a society we are getting much better with not over using them), kill the germs on our hands with antimicrobial soaps and hand sanitizer. Except what we are all forgetting is that us humans are made up of 90% bacterial cells, and only 10% human cells.

We need to change our thought process on bacteria and kill, kill, kill if we truly want to achieve health.

Listen to this episode to learn about the most common sources that destroy our micro biome and exactly what to do about it.

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