Join us on debunking the talk about the ketogenic diet wreaking havoc on women’s hormones.

When should women be ketogenic?

When is the right time of our cycles to get into ketosis or fasting? Don’t worry we dive into menstruation, peri-menopausal vs postmenopausal women, and how we should approach each stage of life.

The Women N Wellness doc’s actually approach this lifestyle differently when it comes to their personal practice.

What should you do if you are experiencing symptoms such as weight gain or no weight loss, irritability, fatigue, hair falling out, sleep goes out the door, can’t get into ketosis. All of these symptoms are your body way of showing us the next layer of healing that needs to be addressed.

Unfortunately, as women, our bodies are far more complex than our male counterparts and we need to be patient and understand that we might need to make slight changes to get the results we are looking for.

And… Stay tuned for their tips and tricks to get into ketosis when you’re struggling.