Too many women are struggling with their hormones. Perimenopause is happening at younger and younger ages. When you are going through the perimenopause years, it can feel like your symptoms will never end. Well we’ve got great news for you! There is a way out of this suffering. And it’s easier than you may realize.


The Women N Wellness docs interview Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, a triple board certified ob/gyn who is in the trenches with perimenopause and menopause women everyday. Dr. Cabeca offers a fresh perspective on the journey through the menopause years. She believes that in order to balance your sex hormones, you need to learn how to get your body producing oxytocin again.


Oxytocin is the bonding hormone. The hormone you feel when you are in love. There are many ways you can stimulate oxytocin, and in this episode the Women N Wellness docs & Dr. Cabeca will walk you through some of their favorite ways.


This episode will change your perspective on hormones and give you hope again. Enjoy!



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