This episode Dr. Mindy graciously shares her frustrating story of starting peri-menopause at the early age of 43.


After developing a variety of unpleasant symptoms: hot flashes, anxiety, depression, insomnia and irritability she started asking around if this was normal. Unfortunately she found that her symptoms were extremely common and the only solution that she was given was taking medications.


Being the women Dr. Mindy is she wan’t about to settle for that answer.  She started researching to see why women were suffering so much during this change in life. and what she could do about it.



What she found was HEAVY METAL toxicity. Once she found the proper heavy metal detox system she began to feel like herself again. All of her symptoms disappeared and she feels better now at 49 than she did when she was 43.


Listen to this episode and get a step by step action plan to help you go though peri menopause and menopause like nothing is changing.