Tune into Episode 46 where the Women N Wellness doc’s not only dive into how they do the ketogenic diet along with how they “feast”. This is how they help other women both understand and utilize the amazing benefits of this lifestyle.


Wanna know something CRAZY, none of the 3 docs follow the same eating habits or regiment, yet they all get into ketosis easily.The trick is understanding the core concepts and then experimenting with it, finding out what works best for your body.


Core concepts: 50 grams of net carbs, 50 grams of protein (or less) and 60% fats


The ketogenic diet gets broken down into 2 distinct groups; menstruating vs post menopausal women. By identifying where you are at will surely help you understand when to get into ketosis, when to feast and how best to utilize the ketogenic lifestyle for you.


During this episode the biggest message the doc’s want to get across is that everyone is different, so it’s important to listen to your body, give yourself grace when grace is needed, and not to give up.


Finally they discuss why some women can do everything right eating wise but not see any results. Why that’s happening and what should be done if this is you!