There has been a lot of buzz around the Ketogenic Diet in the media, and the Women N Wellness team is here to straighten out the facts.


Since the 1920’s the ketogenic diet has been used to treat a variety of conditions, from epilepsy in children, to diabtets, alzheimers, PCOS, and even cancer. The idea with this way of eating is to retrain your body to utilize your ketones (from fat stores) as fuel, rather than glucose by increasing good fats in your diet and lowering carbohydrates.



So is it just a fad diet and can it be that simple?


In this podcast the Women N Wellness team clearly define what the ketogenic diet is, how to utilize it,  and they clear any misconception of it being just a fad diet for weight loss. They teach you how to use this way of eating to your benefit by teaching you when to do it, what to vary it with, and most importantly how they themselves utilize it in their own households.



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