What if the key to balancing your hormones was in how well you manage your stress?

In this episode, Dr. Mindy and Dr. Sonya discuss the power of self-care, for not only your mental health, but your physical health as well. One of Dr. Sonya’s super powers is her ability to create routines around her self-care. She has daily habits that she does that nurtures her soul and de-stresses her. She is incredibly dedicated to making time off a priority, all with the intention of keeping her hormones in balance so that she can continue to show up as her best self.

Dr. Mindy sat down with Dr. Sonya and picked her brain on all the little habits that she does to nurture herself. What you will discover in this episode is that her habits are not complicated or expensive. These strategies are easy to implement into your daily routines and will help you understand how to prioritize self care in a rushing woman’s life. All women can benefit from the advice given in this episode. It’s so important to remember that self-care doesn’t have to leave you feeling guilty! Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed it!