We welcome Holistic Dentist Dr. Rebecca Taylor DDS back to Women N Wellness to talk about proper facial development.


Why on earth is proper jaw development so important and what can the repercussions of having too small of a jaw? Well… Behavioral issues, hormonal issues, problems in school (grades) and even effecting sports to name a few


Did you know that 90% of traditional orthodontic procedures fail? That’s insane when you look at the time and money spent on making a beautiful smile. The problem with just trying to straighten out teeth through means of pulling teeth to make room (yes that includes wisdom teeth), braces, headgear, retainers is that they don’t address the root cause of why we have crowded jaws, crooked teeth.


Long term repercussions of having a narrow arch (small pallet) is having a restricted airway which results in inadequate sleep, snoring, and eventually sleep apnea. When we don’t get enough oxygen at night it results in a higher risk of heart attacks, strokes, cancer and even car accidents.


Listen to the podcast to learn what to do to avoid or even fix an underdeveloped jaw based off of age.



Listen up mamma’s (and papa’s) you really should have your infant evaluated after birth for a tongue tie as that will greatly help with jaw development and breast feeding.


Majority of our facial development happens between ages 2-5 so working with a properly trained dentist and a myofunctional therapist could not only save you on orthodontic bills but also the long term health repercussions of having a restricted airway.


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Myofunctional therapist can be done through Skype appointments: Dr. Taylors Therapist is Lily and can be reached through www.greencitydental.com or their FB page www.facebook.com/greencitydental/






You can also go to Dr. Caitlin Czezowski Facebook page for more information on dental-systemic link Dr. Caitlin’s Facebook Link


Wow baby cup Amazon Link


Myo munchee https://myomunchee.com


Below are also some links for the Myobrace and there is an app (8 and under)


alf appliance: https://alftherapy.com


DNA appliance: https://oralsystemiclink.net/health-care-providers/profile/dr-dave-singh-talks-about-the-dna-appliance


Appliance for adults: vivoslife.com


Dr Bill hang – https://facefocused.com



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