In this episode, the Women N Wellness docs explain how we are exposed to heavy metals and why an accumulation of metals in your body may be the root cause of your health problems. The docs will walk you through each metal that they’re encountering with their patients, what the symptoms are when these metals bio accumulate, and where we may be getting exposed to them.

The World Health Organization has declared that there are no safe levels of heavy metals in your body. Yet very few people truly understand that they are being exposed to these metals daily. Heavy metal toxicity is a complicated problem. Metals, like lead, can get passed down through the generations, stored in your bones and then not leach out until periods of huge hormonal shifts. The Women N Wellness docs will teach you how to effectively test for heavy metals and map out which foods, cookware, dental procedures, and environmental exposures contain the most metals. They will also give you great toxin-free alternatives you can use to minimize your heavy metal exposure.

This episode is packed with great information! You don’t want to miss this one.

Vaccine Ingredient chart from CDC