Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is scary. Especially when you are only given months to live.

This is what happened to Dr. Nasha Winters over a decade ago. Refusing to believe the prognosis she was given, Dr. Nasha dove deep into understanding why a healthy cell turns into a cancer cell. Through her exhaustive research she was not only able to heal herself, but has gone on to help thousands of cancer patients and train numerous doctors on the metabolic approach to cancer.

In this episode you will hear one of the best explanations of cellular health. You will learn how your cells become sick and what you can do to make them healthy again. Dr. Nasha encourages us to look at our cells like living breathing organisms. Through poor lifestyle, toxic exposure, and stress these cells stop breathing. It is at this point a cancer cell begins. But as Dr. Nasha will explain, you can get these cells breathing again by following some very specific nutritional guidelines.

Dr. Nasha is a powerhouse and full of passion! The conversation between the Women N Wellness docs and her is fun, lively, and will give you some great tools for preventing and beating cancer.

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