Because there were so many great points, the Women N Wellness doc’s recap and discuss Episode E35: The Core Challenges We Are All Facing. The Path to Discovery with Tommy Rosen.

Dr’s Mindy and Caitlin’s minds were blown with where the conversation went as it was not expected, nor did either of them think that the discussion would be as informative or applicable to not only their lives, but all the lives of their clients and the Women N Wellness tribe members.

All of our perceptions on what addiction is and the true root cause of addiction has been shifted.

Everyone is addicted to something whether it be food, alcohol, drugs, exercise, thoughts, codependencies, etc. This addiction is our body’s way of trying to recreate the neuro-chemical process to cope with our current environment or situation. We are trying to make ourselves feel “better.” Tommy discussed ways to recognize the feeling or emotion that is addictive and then provides healthy ways of working through and beyond those addictions.

A lot of our toxicity talks stem from generational toxicity and how mothers pass down their toxins to their babies while they are in the womb. Tommy Rosen brought to our attention another form of toxicity that gets passed down which very few people talk about or even address… Emotional Toxicity.

We also discuss what we are going to implement into our daily routine to help shift and reframe our old patterns so that we can become our best selves.