Do we eat the same during the holiday season as we would the rest of year?

Join us on this episode to get all of our tips and tricks for the holidays that we not only use, but share with our patients so that we all stay healthy during the holiday’s.

We go through what each of our holiday meals look like from breakfast to appetizers, followed by the main course and desserts.Having 3 women with 3 different backgrounds you are going to get 3 different holiday meals and ideas during this episode. On top of discussing what meals look like we also provide substitutions for sugar, flours, eggs and dairy, so that you can still make your tried and true holiday meals, just with some healthier twists and substitutions.

Finally, what do we do when going to a relatives house that doesn’t eat the way we do? Better yet what does Dr’s Sonya and Mindy do with their kids when the food choices aren’t typically eaten? Holiday eating can be a source of stress and contention but it doesn’t have to be, with our easy recommendations. And you may have guessed we’ll touch on what we do December 26th (or the day after your holiday party.)

Go to our webpage to get the Women N Wellness holiday recipes book for free. It’s chalked full of our favorite holiday recipes.You won’t be disappointed!

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