Happy holidays. Unfortunately not everyone is happy during the holiday season because of everything that encompasses it. Stress during this time of year skyrockets, and it’s due to a variety of reasons:

  1. All of the holiday commitments (holiday parties, celebrating with both sides of the family, children’s concerts etc)
  2. The financials that encompass this season from buying food and alcohol to host a holiday party to all of the gift giving that we either want to give or feel obligated to give.
  3. Guilt around eating food that you don’t normally eat because it’s there and you don’t want to offend anyone, or the F’ it attitude I am going to eat whatever I want I am celebrating
  4. Less sleep, later nights
  5. Go, go, go mentality that we all have

So, what do the Women N Wellness doc’s do and tell their patients to due to both minimize the stress along with the after math (holiday weight gain/ poor health) that goes hand in hand with this season.

Did you know that statistics show that the weight or poor health gained over the holiday season, isn’t easily resolved come January? What this means is… those extra 10lbs are not easily going to fall off come January 1st. Most people are not successful at losing it at all during the following year.

With that being a major concern, listen to the tips of how to go to a holiday party, have fun and not gain 10+ pounds. Or what to do the next day if you have a little too much fun with the adult beverages.

Finally. the Women N Wellness go into some good ways of giving gifts, without breaking the bank.

Happy Holidays!

The supplements discussed in this podcast were: Bind, Z-Glutn, and Enzee

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