This happens to be a very hot topic for most women out there (and men too.) Dr Caitlin and Dr. Mindy get asked on regular basis about these common uppers and downers that are used regularly in our society. One is used to kick start the morning and the other is used to wind down the evening.

If you guessed coffee and wine you would be 100% correct.

Did you know most coffee and wine out there are not healthy?

Let’s look at wine first. Have you ever looked at wine labels to read what’s in the wine? If so you have probably noticed that there aren’t any ingredients listed. That’s is extremely interesting since that bottle of wine doesn’t just contain crushed, fermented grapes. When Dr’s Mindy and Caitlin first learned what else is added to store bought wine in order to heighten the flavor or brighten up the color, they were mortified. And it’s not just what is added to the wine that we have to be concerned about… it’s how the grapes are grown. In Napa CA they drip irrigate glyphosate into the vineyards which means you are drinking roundup. YUCK!

Find out the healthy way to enjoy wine, and the wine that the WNW doc’s drink. This wine actually drops Dr. Mindy’s blood sugars when she has a glass! And to top it off no more hangovers or foggy head the next day as there are no sugars or chemicals added… and if that’s not thrilling enough this wine is keto approved.

COFFEE is loved by many but majority of people are drinking moldy, carcinogenic coffee. Yes Starbucks actually has a sign by their sugars, milks and creamers that says it can contain cancer causing ingredients. Most imported coffees are moldy, and they get imported to the States and Canada because these countries have lower guidelines for distribution than that of the country it was produced in. Sad that we are allowed to drink sub-par and even harmful coffee.

Is there a way to still enjoy coffee but have a healthier version? Yes. It absolutely has to be organic. The coffee that Dr. Caitlin drinks is Camano Island Roasters. They are located in WA, are 100% organic and they roast their beans right before they ship out an order. Talk about fresh.

For those that don’t tolerate coffee listen to this episode to find out some coffee alternatives so that you can still enjoy and benefit from drinking bulletproof drinks in the am.

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