Welcome back to part 2 of the interview with Dr Zach Bush MD. This episode we discuss how to have a very successful sexual relationship with your partner. Did you know that your microbiome plays an important role in your sexual experience?

Taking an antibiotic an antibiotic your risk of depression goes up by 24% within the next 12 mouths and if you were to take 2 rounds of antibiotics in a year your risk factor goes to 54%. Thats the role your micro biome plays on your neurotransmitters. 90% of serotonin is made in micro biome and 50% of dopamine is made there. Micro biome is therefore determining your pleasure response during intercourse.

1 in 4 women have some form of polycystic ovarian syndrome and 1 in 3 males are infertile. We are experiencing a major rise in infertility as a human race. If the trajectory continues the way it is the human race will be completely infertile within the next 70 years. Tune into the episode to learn how Dr. Bush recommends we (as a collective) reverse the infertility crisis we are facing… and it starts with becoming more sensual with our partners.

Wait for it… the topic of what turns on men vs what turns on women, is not only discussed, but Dr. Bush tells each gender what to do for the other to ensure they experience maximum pleasure. It’s literally a step by step all the way from core-play, followed by dinner, to foreplay to intercourse. Women you’ll want your husbands to listen to this episode of WNW. Your sensual side will thank you. Men you want to listen to this episode as not only will your wife thank you but your orgasm and experience between the sheets will heighten as well.

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