Does your birth story set your foundation for your health?

Join the WNW docs as they interview Dr Zach Bush MD as they dive into the realm of biodiversity and your gut microbiome. You may think you are more human than bugs, however the reality is that we have 100 trillion diverse bacterial strains which is 10 times more than actual human cells!

Dr Zach Bush is a triple board certified physician with expertise in endocrinology and metabolism, and he is an internationally recognized educator on the micro-biome and nutrition. In this episode he shares his insight into the micro-biome, our relationship to food, and the biodiversity of our environment and has practical insights into how you can better feed and nourish your gut, hormones, and relationships.

Did you know that your birth has a direct influence on your health even as an adult? When born via c section your first bacterial exposure is that of your mother’s skin and the hospital. Many hospitals around the world are now getting into the practice of rubbing the mother’s vaginal flora all over the baby’s skin to inoculate it with the right bacteria for a healthy immune system.

There is more to these bugs than we may understand. This episode not only educates you about your own bacterial design but also how that design influences all aspects of your life!

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