Thinking about getting pregnant and starting a family can bring up various different emotions, excitement, and even fear. As Women we are natural nurturers and the moment we decide we want to start a family we begin to think about how we can support a growing baby.

Sometimes there’s even an urgency to getter done right now! Children teach us many lessons and the most important of all is patience. When deciding to expand your family, there are things that you can do to optimize your health and your partner’s.

The WNW team, start off by asking you the question, Why? Why are wanting children? This may seem like a simple question, however more often than not we tend to make decisions based on societal norms and habits rather what we want for ourselves.

There are many couples today that have challenges getting pregnant and are categorized in the unexplained pregnancy category. You will get an understanding of some of the missing links that your provider may not yet know about or hasn’t addressed.

They will also go over specific testing you can do to optimize your health. This episode will educate you on the process of pregnancy and what nutrients are required not only for pregnancy but also the postpartum period.

The WNW team encourage their patients to start the process at least 6 months before conception. Fact being that the cord created to supply the fetus with nutrients is based on the nutritional status of the Mother from 6 months prior.