No one better to learn about homeoprophylaxis (HP) than Dr. Cilla Whatcott. During this episode the doctors dive into what exactly HP is and how it differs from vaccines. One example is there is only one disease that is administered at a time, vs multiple like in vaccines. Don’t worry this isn’t about telling you not to vaccinate, but rather giving parents (and adults) another option other than just not vaccinating. They also discuss how to have non-confrontational discussion with your pediatrician or GP on the subject of vaccines. It’s not about making one person right and the other wrong its about having an educated conversation.

Why use Homeoprophylaxis? Because its a way of educating the immune system against a disease, so that if you get exposed to it in nature your immune system already knows what to do. One of the many added benefits of utilizing HP is that it’s 100% safe as there are no adjuvants, fillers, toxins in the pellets therefore there is no need to worry about adverse reactions. Thank goodness!!!

The WNW docs have talked about using HP for the flu, but in this episode Dr. Whatcott dives into how HP can protect against the following childhood illnesses:
Haemophilus B Influenza
On top of childhood illnesses tropical diseases can also be added especially if traveling abroad.

Research studies done over a 15 year period, found that children that were administered HP were even healthier than those that were not vaccinated; vaccinated children being the least healthy. The reason for this was because those children who had received the HP, had exercised their immune system, where the other children had not.

If your interested in HP for your children or family you can either reach out to your WNW doc’s as Dr. Caitlin Czezowski and Dr Sonya Jensen are trained in educating you about HP and how to administer it.
Or you could reach out to Dr. Cilla Whatcott.

Resources We Mentioned:

passage to real immunity which is her second movie is the landing site for other landing pages

Phone App: Free version Vaccine adverse reactions
(gives you the insets with ingredients and adverse reactions)