Many of us know someone in our lives that has struggled with mental health issues. You may also know someone that has taken medication to help their mental state only to become dependent on these very meds that are now causing a wide range of side effects.

In this episode we had the chance to interview Joëlle Perras, a 40 year old passionate educator, teacher and facilitator who lives in Vancouver, BC. She has struggled with bipolar disorder most of her life, and has found herself again after going through the intensive process of withdrawing from psychiatric medications. Her journey to health and wellness using naturopathic approaches involves detox, fasting, spirituality and the biology of belief. Her big goal is to share her experience in order to help others find hope again.

Joelle has struggled with mental health (bipolar disorder/depression/hypomania) since she was 15 yrs old. She started taking meds 11.5 years ago after a devastating burnout and major depressive episode. Not only was she dealing with the use of these drugs, she was also using alcohol to self medicate as well.

In the last few years mental health had gotten worse she was experiencing side effects from the very medications that were suppose to support her.

In Dec. 2017 she decided it was time to seek help to withdraw from all psych meds and heal. Starting January 2018 she began the True Cellular Detox program, an AGORA 20-day IV amino acid therapy program for withdrawal treatment and Energy psychology therapy. She started intermittent fasting, eating a Keto diet, and learned techniques to create more stability and routine in her life.

Since she has been detoxing and healing she has gained more mental clarity, greater attention span, and more stability while completely off her meds and alcohol!

This is an inspiring story about someone that has used the tools she has learned and has integrated them successfully in her life for better her health.