It is said that somewhere in the world someone is getting diagnosed with dementia every 3 seconds! The global cost of Alzheimer’s and Dementia are estimated at 259 Billion Dollars per year, that doesn’t include the time that family members are spending caring for their loved ones with this diagnosis. Not only is it costly but interestingly enough it is more prevalent in Western Europe and North America. What is it about our lifestyle that would trigger such a rise in this disease process.

Alzheimer’s has been coined, “the diabetes of the brain”. In this episode your WNW team dives into the causes, the challenges, and some solutions on preventing Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Alzheimer’s is the leading cause of dementia, a progressive decline of the brain and will manifest itself as short term memory loss in the beginning stages. It is said that there is no treatment or cure and most patients only survive 8 years after diagnosis. However, with all the new knowledge out there on the plasticity of the brain, we have no doubt that there is always a solution.

We will share with you preventative strategies for you and your loved ones and address the challenges family members face when caring for someone in that state. Seeing a lived one decline can bring up many emotions and challenges and it is time to start the conversation about supporting the care takers as well as the patient.