Is the birth control I am taking safe? This is a question every woman who is sexually active needs to ask herself.

In this episode the WNW docs answer some really hard questions that many women have about birth control. All birth controls have an upside and a downside. The more educated you are on the different types of birth control and the long term health consequences, the more you can make the right choice for your body.

Choosing the right birth control can be a gut wrenching decision, the WNW docs totally get it. This is why they felt it was incredibly important to get this episode out to women.

You will hear from them which birth control they feel is the most harmful, which ones lead to infertility, and which ones they think is the best option today. They also discuss which form of contraception they would use if they were 16 years old knowing what they know now, and what they choose to use today.

Most women have never thought about the long term damage birth control can have to their health. This episode will no doubt get you thinking this important decision through at a deeper level.