Attention WNW listeners: Please be patient with this episode as the tapping sound stops after 13 min. Sorry for the inconvenience this caused. But we promise the information is totally worth the tapping sound.

Women N Wellness Tribe we have a very special episode for you today. Dr. Rebecca Taylor DDS is joining us to dive deep into the mouth-body connection and how your dentist is either helping or hindering your health. Join us and learn about the difference between a dentist, a mercury free dentist, a mercury safe dentist and a biological dentist.

How do you know that your dentist is up to date on the latest and safest protocols to care for you and your family. Dr. Taylor DDS gives off a list of questions that she personally would ask the office before allowing them to work on or even clean her teeth. Some of the questions include: do you use fluoride, are you mercury safe, do you use ozone with cleaning and do you do and promote root canals? Listen to the podcast to get the entire list of questions she recommends asking before choosing a dentist.

Other dental topics that are covered are: sealants that are used to help prevent cavities can mimic estrogen because of the ingredients. Why traditional scraping the teeth for cleanings can be extremely harmful to ones health and what should be done in lieu of. The problems with fluoride, filling cavities (when to fill and when to avoid. How often should X-rays be taken and how did those guidelines come about, along with the difference between an x-ray and a cone beam (or a CT scan.)

What should you do if you don’t have a biological dentist in you area? How can you better protect yourself when going into a “traditional” dentist for a cleaning. Finally Tips from the expert: What toothpaste should you use, water pick vs flossing, how long should you brush your teeth and when should you and should you not brush your teeth, which order should you brush/floss or water pick in?

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