The dentist maybe one of the most dreaded doctors to go to… But it doesn’t have to be that way. Did you know that not all dentist are equal? Some dentist have more training on how to find the cause of your oral health problems and how to address them vs just bandaging them up. An example would be if you have couple to a bunch of cavities looking at what’s causing your tooth decay and fix it rather than just fill your cavities and tell you to come back in 6 months for a check up. That type of dentist is considered to be a biological dentist or a holistic dentist and they look at the bigger picture, as they know that the health of your mouth can have dramatic affects on your overall health.

Dr’s Sonya, Mindy and Caitlin talk about what they look for in a dentist. What are the questions you should ask a dental office before scheduling an appointment with them, along with what questions should you ask your dentist before getting any procedure done on you or your family.

WNW also dive into Fluoride treatments, amalgams (silver fillings), galvanization (what is it and who has it), cavitation and root canals and how all of these can have adverse affects on your health and cause not only unwanted symptoms but possible disease processes.

To find a biological dentist in your area go to but make sure you still ask the appropriate questions before scheduling an appointment.

How do you know if your symptoms are due to mercury toxicity? Click the link and see.

How to find a holistic dentist: