Did you know that a healthy mouth is important for more than just bright white teeth, fresh breath and a nice smile? It’s actually needed for overall health. Dentist have done an amazing job at teaching us the importance of brushing and flossing daily… but did you know that the type of toothpaste you use will either promote healthy teeth, gums and whole body health or it will contribute to decay, breakdown and disfunction? Unfortunately most toothpaste on the market are toxic and can be extremely harmful to ourselves and kiddo’s. What’s the problem with fluoride and what are some of the outcomes with fluoride toxicity.

The Women N Wellness doc’s dive into the type of prebiotic toothpaste that will not only brighten your smile but promote a healthy oral biome, which intern can help with digestion and gut health.

Learn what your tongue is telling you; candida (yeast) overgrowth, inflammation and so much more. On top of it what are some natural ways to freshen breath, decrease tooth pain or the pain from an accessed tooth and even help with infections.

The Doctors also talk about proper jaw development, what to do for our kids to try and avoid braces, crowded teeth, snoring and maybe even sleep apnea. How can you check for a tongue tie in your kids and you and why thats important.

Finally do you or your kids breath through your mouth? If so learn why that’s a problem and some ways to retrain yourself (or family) to breath through your nose.