OH OH.. the doc’s are diving into the four letter F word that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. It’s Fast, or Fasting. Fasting has been a part of our history. Many civilizations customarily fasted during certain times of the year and still do to this day. Dr’s Mindy, Sonya and Caitlin discuss not only the different types of fasting (fasting mimicking, 24 hour fasting, intermittent and block) but they also go into the benefits of each one.

Why in this day and age would someone voluntarily choose to not eat? Dr Longo’s research found that by doing a 5 day fasting mimicking diet can “activate stem cells, promote regeneration in multiple organs to optimize health and ultimately provide anti-aging benefits” to those that incorporate these practices. If that doesn’t sound good enough to start incorporating fasting into your lifestyle maybe these benefits will entice you:
Reduction in the “hangry” feeling
hormone balancing and sensitivity (insulin resistant along with sex hormone optimization
atophagy (killing off bad cells)
improvement in sleep
more energy
reduction in brain fog
breaking weight loss resistance

Don’t worry they also dive into the biggest concerns and misconceptions with fasting. Like:
– I can’t because I exercise
I get dizzy
I’ll go hypoglycemic
I’ll have no energy
I wont be able to work
I am already to thin and I don’t want to lose weight