We are constantly told to don’t worry, be happy. Don’t stress. Things could be so much worse. Just get over it. Except we ALL have stress, weather it be: what am I going to make for dinner, how am I going to meet this deadline, how am I going to accomplish this laundry list of tasks or the bills keep coming where is the money going to come from?

Stress can me managed. The doctors share their tips that they implement on a daily basis to limit the stress that they are under:
– Pause and take a moment or a breath before responding therefore you are responding vs reacting
– Taking notice of what I am feeling and why I am feeling that way
– Get to the zero point: who does this reaction belong to? Is it mine or someone else?

Sometimes we feel victim to an emotion or even get stuck in someone else’s CRAP. This can even cause a downward spiral and when all other tools (like meditation, exercise like yoga or running, visualization or writing in a gratitude journal) fail this is what we do:
– Ground, walk barefoot on the earth to reconnect with the earths magnetic and energetic fields
– Give ourselves permission to spiral (like with a death that we are grieving)
– seek out help from energy healers to help us move stagnant energy or even someone else energy that is preventing us from moving along
– Chiropractic adjustment to realign the nervous system and allow proper nerve flow so that we can properly respond to the situation
– Change our environment or our routine: Physically move houses, jobs, even move furniture around to give you a new perspective, get a different hair style, drive a different direction to work. Get up earlier and create a new routine.

Stress will never completely go away, but how we react to situations can change.