Listen to your WNW docs talk about their personal experiences with hormonal imbalances and what they have done to create lasting change not only in their lives but also their patients. Learn about the different tests out there for testing your hormones. Hormone testing is tricky and in this episode, you will learn why blood testing is the WNW docs least favorite to use to see the whole hormone picture.

The term, “The Rushing Woman Syndrome” is also discussed. This term was coined by Dr. Libby Weaver and brings awareness to the fact that our addiction to busyness and a state of hustling has created massive imbalances in our hormonal system. It is this rushed life that is partly to blame for the epidemic of hormones dysfunction we are so commonly seeing in women these days.

So, ladies, you are not alone, it’s not due to age, it is not just in your head, there is an answer and you deserve to hear it!