Women N Wellness dive into what the FDA approves and even what is the driving force behind their approval process. Many American’s and Canadians live by what is FDA approved and steer clear from things that have not been approved. Should we as a society be concerned with which foods are being labeled as safe? Aren’t all of the foods on the shelves of our grocery stores safe for human consumption?

Did you know that large companies (such as coke, kraft) change their ingredients to healthier options so that they can export their products to countries that have banned GMO, Dyes etc. The unhealthier options are some of the underlaying reasons for the increase in food allergies and sensitivities. Learn about the driving force behind the dramatic increase in allergies, cancers, autoimmune diseases since 1996.

In our offices we are constantly asked “how do I know what food is healthy,” “what food should I buy?” We dive into how to read food labels, and no it’s not about counting calories, carbs or even sugar content. We tell you exactly what we look for when buying food (especially if it’s processed.) Some of the things we cover is the classifications (organic, USDA organic, GMO, BPA free etc.) What oils do we avoid like the plague.

Another topic we covered is why does organic food seem more expensive. What do we do to afford organic foods, and some tips you can begin to implement into you lifestyle. What are some of our go to meals to make eating healthy easy when you have a go-go- go lifestyle. Finally where can you go to shop even on a budget, remembering that you vote with your dollars every time you buy something.

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