This is part two of the Women N Wellness podcast’s weight loss series. Piggy backing on Episode 2 we continue the discussion on the struggles behind losing weight. This time we dive deeper into the “fad diets” out there and their pit falls. We will also answer questions like why your go-to diet isn’t working for you anymore.

Have you heard of LEPTIN? Well this stubborn hormone may be the reason you are not losing weight. We see this all the time in our clinics where even though you are busting your butt with exercising and dieting your body won’t lose a pound. We will explain why that happens and what you can to do to unstick yourself. Gain information in this episode so that you too can drop the LBS like men (dang men have it so much easier with weight loss 😉

Get ready to dive into the underlying causes of weight loss resistance and learn how to crack the weight loss code. Oh and ladies you are not alone! This is something we all struggle with! We are excited to share with you what we see work in our clinics everyday.